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Home Entertainment Systems

Home entertainment systems are getting more and more complex! We can visit your premises and sit down with you and custom design a package that meets your needs, while keeping it as simple as possible to use. We can advise on screen size, speaker location, type of amplifier required etc, or if you already have all of the equipment, we can install and configure it for you, including concealed wiring, and infrared remote systems so you can control equipment from other rooms

We at Powerex have vast experience with home theatre setup and installations, from the simple DIY "home theatre in a box" installations to the full blown dedicated home theatre rooms.

We are able to supply all installation cables needed to facilitate the installation, taking the head ache away from you, and if you are at the design phase, we can provide competitive pricing on flat screen TV's, amplifiers, DVD players, and flush mounted speakers as well

Some of the services we provide:

  • Wall mount flat screen TV's, with no visible wires

  • Connect up AV equipment

  • Reticulate sky or DVD players to other TV's in the house

  • Relocate equipment to cupboards to provide the "minimalist" look (or to protect them from toddlers)

  • Install infrared remote control systems so you can control equipment from other rooms

  • Setup universal remote control units to control all of your equipment (one remote for everything)


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